There are lots of bits in a Tack Shop.

I've recently been putting a website together for a Saddlery (or Tack Shop) in Cheshire and honestly didn't know there were quite so many horse related products on the market.

There are bits, reins, bridles and saddles, rugs, fly masks and horse boots. For the rider there are breeches, riding hats, chaps and riding boots, safety wear and body protectors.

There must be hundreds of different bits alone. A bit, as I have learned, is the "bit" that goes in the horse's mouth and sits in a part of the mouth where there are no teeth. The bit is kept in place by straps on the horse's head called a bridle to which the reins are attached.

The majority of the staff in a saddlery are frequent horse riders themselves and so very knowledgeable about the products they sell. Good to know you won't unintentionally find yourself wearing horse boots to the supermarket.

Along the way I have also discovered a form of clothing called jodhpurs, which although difficult to spell…

The Future of the Small Independent Retailer

The Future of the Small Independent Retailer
It is a very difficult time for bricks and mortar stores with more and more closing their doors or downsizing every day.

At the same time large retailers are understandably investing more time and money in their online presences.

So we end up with:

large retailers with huge buying power and online marketing budgetssmall retailers like you with physical shops together the overheads that come with theman increasing amount of businesses running online-only stores often from their own homes

Making the most of what you have Its important that you identify the advantages you have over your competition and make the most of them, while maximising profits from your business as it currently is.
Large Retailers It is very difficult to compete directly with the budgets of larger retailers, the best you can normally hope for is to find a niche that they are not targeting and try to use your small size to your advantage.
Being small you can adapt and mak…